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30 June - 1/2 July 2023 | Sweden

📍Tranås DiscGolfPark | Östanåparken

Free admission

Mycelium is an art festival of contemporary art from the city of Kherson. A living platform where ideas meet and grow into reality.

The artists from Kherson have held the festivals in 2020, 2021 in Ukraine. In 2022 they had to temporarily leave their city due to war. Now, most of the artists that have participated in the festival live in Sweden. This time, the group of young artists from Ukraine united to create a new project within the framework of the Swedish festival "Tranås at the Fringe". So this year, the Ukrainian festival has transformed into 'MYCELIUM at the FRINGE FEST'

The festival program consists of an art fair, exhibition, street art, music program, performances etc. More about the event and the program via this link:

Check the corresponding event on Facebook as well:


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