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• June 6 - July 8 2023 • Sweden | Tranås • Tranås kommun | Stadshusplan 1

During the powerful migration movement of the Greeks in the 8th century B.C. along the coast of the Black and Azov Seas, a zone of ancient statehood arose, the largest centers of which were Olbia, Chersonesus, Panticapae, Hylea.

Hylea are floodplain forests in the lower reaches of the Dnipro and Ingulets. Herodotus also wrote about it: "If you cross Borysthenes, the first from the sea will be Hylea, and above it live the Scythians-farmers." Here located the key to the secrets of steppe Scythia, and this place is our home. This place is our home, where we were born and grew up, where we respected the nature that gave us its beauty. But today Hylea may disappear forever.

From February 24, 2022, the land began to burn from the weapons of the occupiers, because of their aggression. Hectares of land, animals, and birds were occupied in the Kherson region. During the year of the full-scale war, 131 fires were recorded. Russia captures not only people, but also nature reserves and national parks of Ukraine. 30% of our protected areas are affected by war. 8 nature reserves and 10 national parks are arbitrarily captured, as well as objects protected by UNESCO. Unfortunately, we cannot yet estimate the extent of the damage caused to nature as a result of war:

• Biosphere Reserve "Askania-Nova", • Black Sea Biosphere Reserve, • Oleshkiv pine forest, • National natural parks "Azov-Syvaskyi", • "Dzharylgatskyi", •"Oleshkiv sands", •"Kamyanska Sich", • "Nizhny Dnipro» • Bakay channel with protected islands, •"Holoprystan acacia forest".

Participants of the exhibition:

Marianna Tarish, Mariia Zahurska, Serhii Serko, Olena Hnatiuk, Oleksandra Paranchenko, Viktoriia Berezina, Kostiantyn Tereshchenko, Anastasiia Tereshchenko, Olha Kriuchkovska, Mykyta Hryshko, Serhii Radionov.

The exhibition is part of the art festival «MYCELIUM at the FRINGE FEST».


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