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"Amulet" personal exhibition

12-13.11.2022 / Sweden.

I would like to invite all residents and guests of Lycksele to my solo exhibition, which will take place on November 12 and 13 at Lycksele Ateljé.

I have come a long and difficult way from my hometown to Sweden. I could tell you about the horrors of war, but I won't. I would rather tell you about love, mercy and faith, about the beauty of Ukraine. In my heart, I have kept the best memories of my home and I show them through my paintings.

The exhibition is called Amulet. For some people, an amulet is a magical object, for me, it is an allegory, a symbolic name for the cultural code that is in my blood. These are memories that make me stronger and protect me. My amulet consists of endless fields of sunflowers, the smell of grass and birdsong, the taste of ripe cherries from my parent's garden, traditional embroidery, and my grandmother's songs, kind smiles, and eyes of loved ones. All this intertwines and creates a talisman that is always with me. I think everyone has a talisman that they carry with them throughout their lives.

Thanks to SWAN, Artists at Risk, Region Västerbotten, Konstfrämjandet Västerbotten, Lycksele Kommun, Kulturrådet, Svenska Postkodstiftelsen, IASPIS, Ateljé A-M, I could live a peaceful life and continue to paint.

Special thanks to Theresa Lekberg and Ann-Marie Bäckström and my beloved husband for their support.

I fell in love with the north of Sweden and my next exhibition will be about it. And now I invite you to an exhibition called "Amulet".


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