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11.02-25.03.2023 / Sweden Jönköping Läns Museum



A garden it’s a world, a universe which contains countless organisms, objects, chemical, physical and cosmic laws works. Chaos is built into harmony. The paradox is that this huge garden is not only around us, it is in our minds. At the same time, we are both the garden and it’s creators.

Since February 24, occupants have been trying not only to take away our garden, they want to destroy it, uproot all the trees, pull out all the roots and burn it. The occupants want to do what their ancestors tried to do throughout the history of their state. Most of them do not know themselves, do not know their ancestors, they had never wanted to find their roots. They have been trying to steal our history, our artists, our culture for centuries and are only capable to destruction.

Artists go into reflection through the creation of their garden - this is a certain catharsis and analysis of their feelings and experiences. We are scattered around the world, but in each of us there is a seed, a memory of our ancestors, a seed from our garden. We plant our seeds so our descendants can rest in the shade and reap the fruits. There are lot of labour to do now, to preserve this garden as it is, to find all it’s roots, and to plant and imprint new ones, so the memory of today does not fade, but bears fruit in the future.

UKRAINIAN ARTISTS Serhii Serko, Mariia Zahurska, Marianna Tarish, Aleksandra Paranchenko, Mykyta Hryshko, Viktoriia Berezina, Serhii Radionov, Valerii Kopysov, Kostiantyn Tereshchenko, Olha Kriuchkovska, Anton Kosiei.

ORGANIZERS Mycelium & Jönköping Läns Museum


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