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I feel happiness, I draw it!

  I was born in a small town, Kherson, in the south of Ukraine. The war forced me to leave Ukraine, but I have found a new home in the north of Sweden, and now I continue to create art.

  I always paint in a good mood and depict only positive stories. I could create all day long; ideas come to me like radio waves. You just need to tune in to the right vibrations and be grateful to the world for every opportunity. The process of creating art is magical. I am inspired by life itself.

  Very often, I draw fantasy stories, fairy tales, and fantastic creatures. When I draw, I often have imaginary conversations with the characters in the picture, imagining how they live and what their personalities are like. I enjoy this process, and it brings a smile to my face as I work on the story. I believe this is important because I think that the artist's mood and energy are transferred to the canvas, and then the painting emits that energy. Therefore, in each of my works, I convey wishes for happiness and joy.

  When I see people with frowns, I always want to show them that there are many reasons to be happy. Perhaps that's why I became an artist. I want people to smile when they look at my paintings, to be put in a positive mood. I want them to feel like happy children with pure hearts and great imaginations once again.

  As I mentioned before, art, to me, is first and foremost a means of awakening the most positive feelings in people, such as love, compassion, the value of life, and the appreciation of nature.

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